Disembodied Heads Part 142

Somewhere along the line, I became capable of drawing semi-realistic heads in a somewhat competent way.

Does this mean I’m a Real Artist (TM) now?



Shadowrun (1994) Party Members

I basically spent all my free time last week playing a Sega Genesis game from the 90’s, and then decided to draw all its recruitable characters in that goblin-person style that I have. Enjoy!

Various Doodles 2

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Various Doodles


I’m The World’s Biggest Idiot

Ok, so for a long time now I’ve been moping that I can’t finish writting a full story and woe is me, because that is the most tragic thing in the world and whatever, but today I was just looking around my Word documents and found out that I have, in fact, written a complete short story. That’s like 25 pages long. Written less than one year ago. And I just fucking forgot about it.

And I’m just thinking, wow, this is actually so fitting, that a gigantic airhead like me would forget that she actually wrote a full story. I mean, it’s not very good, mind you; it has a bunch of grammar errors and notes about things that I should change to make the story flow better and make more sense. But still, it’s kind of baffling to me that I wouldn’t remember that “oh, that’s right, I actually finished a thing, didn’t I?”

I’m just… kinda stunned by this realization.

I’m my own worst enemy, it’s me. And my worst enemy is a gigantic moron.


Second college semester has just started, so instead of starting to study early so I don’t get fucked in the exams later on, I’ve spent a great deal of my time making Miraculous Ladybug stickers as a present for a cousin of mine! The thing is, I kind of went overboard, so I have a lot of leftover stickers.

Like a lot.

Like 24 more than I was planning to make. So now I have 12 regular and 12 vinyl stickers lying around, and I’m not sure what to do with them.



Acrylic Painting

Also an acrylic painting I made in 31/12/2017 – my last drawing of 2017.

Took about 4 hours to make it, and when I finished my eyes hurt like hell.

(I might come back and repaint the lower grass part)